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 Linda ‘F109’ Mihalec

Linda ‘F109’ MihalecLinda is a professional MMA fighter from Richmond, KY under AFS MMA Academy. Currently on a six fight win streak, Linda recently signed with Invicta Fighting Championships.

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 Caitlin ‘Ginger’ Sammons

Caitlin is a professional MMA fighter for Invicta Fighting Championships. When she isn’t in the cage facing other flyweights, this BJJ Black Belt is the Fitness Coach at Iron Life Athletics in Orlando, FL.

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 Jada Alicea

Jada is an amatuer fighter that has training for over six years. Currently training at FusionXcel performance in Ocoee, FL, she studies Brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai, boxing, wrestling and MMA. Watch her rise to the pro level very soon!

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Felix "El Sapo" Hernandez

Felix is a BJJ practitioner out of Cogito Jiu Jitsu. He will compete with High Rollerz as well as Fight2Win this year. Check out his glass art at @GodBodyGlassArt.




Shawn Michael Arcelay 

 Shawn is a BJJ practitioner out of Cogito Jiu Jitsu. An       active competitor, Shawn will look to perform on the big   stage at Fight2Win again this year.


Stan Rousonelos

 Stan is a Brown Belt BJJ practitioner out of Cogito Jiu   Jitsu. Always sharpening his skills, Stan looks to   compete again on a national stage.