Tales from the Mat – Jiu-Jitsu Rashguards

The Tales from the Mat comic book themed Jiu-Jitsu and MMA rashguard designs are inspired by their iconic counterpart first published in the 1950. The campy horror themed comics first created by William Gaines and Al Feldstein were a hit with youngsters looking for a gory alternative to the wholesome comics produced at the time. Later the comics found their way into the living room of countless homes across america with the nationally syndicated show of the same name.

Without a doubt, the tongue in cheek storylines and fantastically frightening artwork motivated me to create a jiu-jitsu and MMA themed rashguard series depicting horrific creatures capturing their unsuspecting victims in various submissions. The Mummy uses his bandages to choke an explorer. The Sea Creature captures a snorkeler in a triangle. And of course, the pun inspired GRIP KEEPER!

More designs are in the works so keep an eye out for new designs including Vamprella, Legolos and Gimli (Lord of the Rings), Doc and Marty (Back to the Future), and Disney Princesses.